Team Players!

Every year at the end of the UK and Ireland season we recognize someone who, in the eyes of the Visual Services, exemplifies what it means to be a team player.  Without the contribution of the rest of the staff of the California Superbike School, the products produced by us would look very different than they do.  In particular the on-board footage we get from the coaches, for the personalized videos is a huge part of being able to sell that product.  Still images of the coaches and staff litter the company's website and marketing communications.  You all are a walking/riding advertisement for the company which makes our job much easier.  We appreciate the effort everyone has brought season after season.  I used several factors to help narrow down the one coach who exemplifies a successful partner.  In other words who demonstrated the most willingness to work with the Visual Services Team and be an all-round team player. Those factors include:

  1. Workload - Total number of videos
  2. Commitment to Success - Willingness to go the extra mile, with a great attitude.
  3. Initiative - Finding solutions

The people below have consistently demonstrated they have the right stuff.



2017 Team Player - Martin Plunkett

2016's Coach of the Year, 2017 Team Player recipient, is there no end to this guys talent?  On one occasion during the year I was so busy juggling several cameras, that I missed the opportunity to ask him to get footage of a video student as he went out on the last session of the day.  No problem.  He took the initiative and got the footage for me anyway, without even being asked!  Now that is going the extra mile!  In his website profile he says "...we do appreciate having the greatest job a biker could have!"  Well the Visual Services team appreciates all your hard work in 2017; twenty four percent of the videos can be attributed to Martin.

 Coach Martin Plunkett

Coach Martin Plunkett


 Coach Chris "Butch" Butcher

Coach Chris "Butch" Butcher

2016 Team Player - Chris "Butch" Butcher

Not only is Butch the holder of the 2016 Visual Services Team Player award, but he was the school's Coach of the Year in 2013.  He was involved with eight personalized videos over the course of the 2016 season; more than any other coach. When we had an issue where we didn't have enough ways to mount the video camera on the bike he went out of his way to ensure it would get done, regardless. On one particular day he told me that he was trying to figure out where the best camera angle would be; Spielberg, Schmielberg!  Although there were some outstanding coaches who really put forth great effort to help, in 2016, more than any other person Butch stepped up and stood out.


2017 Honorable Mentions


Matthew Hartley

Throughout 2017 Matthew went above and beyond.  If the criteria did not include volume (which is out of everyone's control), then Matthew may well have taken the award this year.  The footage he produced was top notch.  The camera went on only when he was behind the student, and off again immediately after moving on.  Plus the amount of footage he captured made things so much easier in post!  He went above and beyond for his video students. Thanks for all your help in 2017 Matthew!



Dennis Edwards

Dennis, the quiet man in the group.  It wasn't until I came to count up who had worked with what students at the end of the season that I realized Dennis was right up there.  He went about it and got it done without any hesitation.  That is much appreciated.  Thank you Dennis.



Dan Falconer

Dan said to me at the beginning of the year something to the effect of "I have no chance of winning that", (Ultimately there were seventeen coaches in the running).  Well Dan, you didn't win but you came darn close!  So close that you get an honorable mention! Thanks!