Video Services

for the California Superbike School

Following on from your idea to put a camera on each of the coaches bikes and keep them running, I wanted to look at what could be achieved by doing, then productize it with hard numbers.

Benefits to the customer:

  • More affordable video solution
  • It reinforces the teachings of the school
  • Something to show friends and family 
  • Benchmarks their riding by tying their riding skill to a date
  • Lowers the barrier to entry around video which is the direction society is moving (away from still images)
  • With cameras on all day students could have up to 40 mins of footage of them on track from the coaches bike, versus current 3 mins.
  • Electronic delivery
  • Includes all of the benefits of the existing video product

Customers can be incentivized by offering the first few to sign up the ability to take home their video on the same day.


Benefits to the School:

  • Just like the Photos packages we can shoot every student, whether they buy immediately or not.
  • Provides an additional revenue stream for the school.
  • Provides an intellectual property that can be used for many purposes, marketing, licensing
  • Another value add that differentiates the school from it's competition
  • Another reason to come to the California Superbike School
  • Infrastructure for delivery is already available with the computer room at Oscura
  • Low startup costs <£500 (for batteries, MicroSD cards and the possible need for extra cameras)
  • Also if the offering is purely from the coaches bike then I can shift my time to providing additional media for the schools marketing efforts.
  • More profit from video.
  • Keeps up with trends in that it takes advantage of the move toward video.
  • This can be shared and so word of mouth spreads.


Click below for the numbers in spreadsheet form:


Watch the video below for an example of what this might look like: